The Dream Never Dies

If i had put out a personal ad to find a life partner it would have read “must have sailboat”.

Apart from some sailing lessons at camp as a kid and a few outings on our family friend’s sailboat, my sailing adventures really began in 1997.

1997 was the year I met my husband, Brian. I was 28. I was focused on my fledgling career in marketing, moving up the corporate ladder and being a free independent woman in Vancouver, the city I had moved to 5 years prior.

It was a routine dental visit that changed everything.

That day, I had a nice young dental hygienist whom I had never met before. Her name was Janine. She was quite chatty and while she cleaned my teeth she told me stories about her boyfriend. She told me about them racing sailboats in English Bay and as it was close to Valentines Day she mentioned her boyfriend would likely be cooking her dinner to celebrate the day.

My response to that conversation is what lead to the last 20 years with an incredible man.

My comment was:

That’s what I need…a man who can cook and has a sailboat!

I’m really not that shallow but I was so done with men at the time. A string of bad relationships had made me quite happy to be single for quite some time. I had also lived in Vancouver for 5 years and I had yet to be out on the water. I love the water. I have always felt a connection. I moved to Vancouver because of the mountains and the water. I needed to get on the water. The water was my happy place.

Janine was insistent that I had to meet this guy who was friends with her boyfriend and lived on a boat. Long story short, two months later he called me and I went on my first and only blind date. Why I trusted this girl, I have no idea but we are besties to this day and her boyfriend, now husband, was the best man at our wedding.

Brian and I got married 3 years later, sailed the coastal waters of BC for 6 years before having a baby boy, moving to Vancouver Island and putting the boat up on the hard to spruce her up. We eventually had a second baby boy and 10 years later our lovely boat was still on the hard. As was our dream of introducing our boys to the sailing lifestyle we love.

The dream never dies…

After a string of “life is short” wake up calls. I turned to Brian one day and said, “Why don’t we just fix up the boat and take off sailing with the boys?”. Fed up with the education system as it was, I envisioned homeschooling and sailing around the world. The plan was tweaked over the coming months and after a few starts and stops the dream became the motivating factor to refit our beautiful Ultramarine, 35’ Endurance, sell her,  buy a larger boat and sail the Caribbean for a year…or more.


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