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It started a year and a half ago. The first thing I could do to take one small step towards feeling like our dream could actually come true was to start selling, donating and throwing out our STUFF. And boy is there a lot of it. I’ve been going through things fairly steadily for a year and a half. The thrift store and consignment stores are my friends. Kijiji, Craigslist and I have become very well acquainted and the garbage and I have a love/hate relationship.

The only room in the house that I actually see where a dent has been made is the living room. The rest of the evidence of all this clearing is hidden in drawers and closets.

I started by reading the popular book by Mary Kondo, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up”. I loved the concept of holding each item and feeling my connection with it before deciding wether to discard, donate or keep. But the idea of putting every single one of each item in a pile and then going through the connection step was a bit overwhelming for me. I couldn’t imagine putting every single book this family owns in a huge pile and going through them one by one. I did manage to do it with all the coats in the family but I put the piles outside of each persons’ bedroom door and they went through them. We only discarded 4 coats out of probably 20. Not a large dent but a start nonetheless.

The boys have had a year and a half to get used to the idea of cleaning and culling. My youngest has never been one to throw out anything. All his toys and teddy bears feel alive to him and he thinks they all have feelings so he hurts at the thought of getting rid of anything. The process of thanking and appreciating each item he donates has made the process a little easier for him (another Mary Kondo idea). The last time we culled his room, he gave away more items than he ever has before. For me, his accomplishment was a great step in preventing him from becoming the pack rat that his father and his grandfather have become. Don’t tell them I said so though.

We plan on renting out our house so all this STUFF has to go or we’ll be storing it. I have a feeling we’ll be getting rid of stuff up until the day we leave and we haven’t even talked about the Guinea Pigs or Chickens yet!

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