Before Something Great Happens…

I read a quote today that resonated with me. “before something great happens, everything falls apart.” I have no idea who it’s by but it really does pertain to our life right now. When one decides to uproot their entire life, refit the boat to sell, sell the cars, get rid of the stuff, rent the property and go sailing for who knows how long, it tends to be a very tough process. It starts off with each step being exciting as it’s the next step to fulfilling the dream and at some point that ends and it’s one thing after another and it gets more and more intense as time goes by.

The weeks turn to months, and months turns to a year. The once romantic notion of working together to make our dreams come true, end in trying to survive the day with everything going wrong that could go wrong and plans falling apart at the seams as you try to make it all work.  And I haven’t even mentioned the finances.  It’s easy to feel like quitting at times but there has been so much heart and soul and sweat and all that, poured into this dream already that it just can’t be dropped.  You keep going because you have to or at least you feel you have to.

It’s easier when you and your partner are on the same page. No matter what goes on the goal needs to be the same. Communication is key. And checking in with each other is a big part of that. We had a budget worked out for this dream but life happens and budgets get slashed and time gets slashed as other things become a priority and the closer you get to your dream, the farther away it seems. It’s tough but I’m determined to make it work and sail off into the sunset even if we have to wait a bit longer.

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