Will we make it?

Trying to leave a life and start a new one is not easy.  We have been through various stages of this transition and sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever get off this rock – yes, rock.  We live on an Island. But a cold one and I’d much prefer a warm one.

The phases have been varied.  It all started with “lets get the boat, that’s been sitting on our property for 10 years, fix her all up and we’ll introduce the kids to the sailing life.”  Then the “Why don’t we just pack up everything, sell everything and sail around the world!”  This came after some family issues and the loss of yet another friend to cancer.  Then came the “Well maybe not the world!”  We didn’t want to cross oceans with the kids in tow.  So we decided on the Caribbean where the travel from Island to Island is not that long. Then came the decision to sell our boat and start looking at catamarans.

Then came the financial phases, “lets sell the house” and then the questions, where to store our stuff, and then the worry about getting into the housing market again once we come back.  And when will that be?  This lead to deciding to keep the house and rent it out. We also have a dear friends who will keep an eye out on the place for us.

The next phase of the financial piece came with the end of our mortgage. Our mortgage was paid off and now what?  Hence, the investment phase, “lets invest in an apartment building, be slumlords and this can finance our trip.”  But when we began to think about managing an apartment building from afar, we decided to downsize our investments to smaller apartment complexes and then to Single family homes we could rent out, and then to new condo builds.  We didn’t feel the market was right for new builds so we ended our investment search and focused instead on renting our property. At this point we figure if Brian flies off from the boat to work now and again, we could manage the trip financially without worries of property investments back home. And we’d use the funds from the sale of our sailboat to buy our catamaran.

That is where we stand today.  We are working on the house to rent it. We have refit the boat and have her up for sale. And we are waiting for a financial windfall from all the lottery tickets we are buying. Wish us luck!

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