Too Many Lists

There are a million thoughts swirling around your head about what needs to get done before you leave on your adventure whether it be by plain, train, automobile or boat. So how do you organize a to do list?  Well here are my suggestions for things to get done before you leave, in no particular order.  I always find writing it down helps and it’s super satisfying checking it all off.

  1. Get a final dental check up and have any work done that may be needed.
  2. Get full check up at doctors and arrange any shots you need for the countries you plan to visit
  3. Research Insurances – medical, boat, travel, rental. Don’t forget to check any insurance you may already have and what it covers. 
  4. Declutter your “stuff”. Sell, chuck, donate.
  5. Research other people visiting the places and things that you want to do. There are a lot of social media sites and blogs that can help with this. Check my last post “Researching the Dream”.
  6. Are you going to sell or rent out your house? Look into the options. Make a pro/con list. We decided we didn’t want to try get back into a housing market when we got back so we are keeping our house and renting it out.
  7. Learn as much as you can. I’ve taken three courses and gone to many seminars- boat shows are great for overviews on many subjects and then there are organizations like power squadrons and blue water cruising association for more in depth courses from docking to weather to provisioning the galley.
  8. Return any items you may have borrowed from people.  You’ll be away for a while and don’t want to have someone search through all those boxes for the one item your friend desperately needs back.
  9. Complete any major gardening projects you’ve been meaning to do but haven’t got to.  I have been meaning to move a climbing rose plant as it’s getting overtaken by my wisteria but the opportunity to move it while it’s dormant has passed me by…again.  Plan these things ahead of time and don’t be like me…actually get it done.
  10. Sell any big ticket items you won’t be using like your car or trailer.
  11. Find homes for the animals that won’t be coming aboard. We have guinea pigs and chickens that will definitely need a new home.
  12. Make any repairs to your property or home that won’t survive your extended stay away.
  13. Update your passports
  14. Make more lists: What will you pack for the boat? What food do you want to bring that you may not be able to find where you are going? What changes will you need to make to make your routines work on a boat eg. coffee. I even have a list for fun stuff to bring aboard for the kids.

And there you have my current list but I’m adding to it all the time. If you have any suggesting on things I may have forgotten or not thought of, please leave them in the comments to help me out and help out others in the same boat (pun intended).

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