Our Boat Selling Adventure

After a year long refit during which we cleaned and refinished all the wood, painted the entire boat, including bilges and inside storage cabinets, installed a new engine, replaced all the lines, updated the electrical, installed a new windlass, checked all the stantions, installed a new prop, …..it was time to sell the boat.  The video Casey made of some of this process can be seen below. If you want to skip through all the sanding, scraping and painting portion, the engine Installation begins at 5:29.

Selling the boat was a big deal for us.  Emotionally we were sad to be seeing our dear friend go. We sailed her before kids and there were tons of amazing memories made on that boat.  All the work we had put in her was now going to be the luxury of some other owner to enjoy. I was worried if we sold it, we would never get around to buying another boat and it would be the end of a dream. But we were also excited to start new memories on a new boat which would work better for our family.

We decided to sell her ourselves. We advertised on saillistings.com, craigslist and kijiji. I set up a website to sell her and that was a great way to cut down on the tons of questions usually asked during a sale.  We had a lot of interest despite in being the winter and not a great time to sell.  We had the tire kickers, the people who spent 3 days aboard and then decided she wasn’t right for them, the person who tried to convince themselves it was right for them when it really wasn’t and through it all Brian was patient, answered any questions with honesty and integrity and gave free reign of the boat to serious parties.  In the end we sold it to a gentleman from Washington state who loved it as much as we loved it.  Brian delivered the boat to him in Washington so that the new owner could save on taxes.  They ended up getting a broker to do the paperwork for them as the Canadian/US transfer of ownership was a bit tricky.

All was complete by April 2017 just in time for sailing season on the west coast of Canada/US. We missed not having the boat as the weather got nicer but we were also excited to start on our new boat search.  Like all things time heals.  It was too late to turn back, so we moved on to the next step and then the next and then the next.  One step at a time.

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