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Minimalism is a trend that I’m glad a lot off people are leaning towards in our overly commercialized world. I recently watched a documentary called “The Minimalists”. It was inspiring and made me want to get rid of all my stuff. Ever since watching that film, I keep coming across articles about tiny houses, live aboard families on boats, decluttering and simplifying. Then recently, my girlfriend sent me an article which prompted this blog post. It made me wonder how living on a boat relates to the minimalist trend even though it was never the reason we were moving onto the boat in the first place.

We never decided to move onto a boat for a year because we wanted to simplify our lives.  Maybe escape them, lol, but not consciously simplify them. We wanted to make the most of our lives while we had them; while we were healthy and relatively young and while our kids still liked hanging out with us.  I envision travelling to new and interesting places, exploring different languages and cultures and meeting new people.  I also dream of tropical beaches, turquoise blue water and dolphins swimming in our wake.

That is the dream. On the surface it will be all those things. On a deeper level, life will be simpler, life will be calmer and life will be slower.  At least that’s what I imagine. There is only so much “stuff” you can put on a boat.  We will be directed by Mother Nature a lot of the time.  You can’t be in a rush when Mother Nature is calling the shots.  If the weather is good we’ll move on. If the weather is bad, we’ll make the most of it and use the time to repair some of the many parts I expect will need repairing; they always do. Or we’ll relax and read, swim and explore. We’ll catch our own food, swim out our back door, travel by dinghy and explore on foot. Wifi is terrible in the caribbean and I’m both looking forward to being offline and dreading it. Back to the basics will take some getting used to. Some of it, I think I’ll love, some of it I think I’ll be cursing.

And despite our initial dreams our life will suddenly be simplified. My thoughts then begin to wonder what will happen after a year.  Will we come home or extend our trip?  If we come home, will we want to simplify our lives further?  Will we be happy to be back surrounded by our “things” or will the people we love and who bring us comfort be enough.  Perhaps we’ll experience all of that. I imagine there will be some things I love and some things I hate about living back on land.  I’m just curious to see how those “things’ change in a years time.

So despite it not being a conscious decision to simplify our life. Our lives will most definitely be simplified. I look forward to discovering the minimalist learnings this “road less traveled” has to teach us. I’ll keep you posted

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