We are a family of four who live on an Island in the coastal waters of BC, Canada. Our dream is to sail the warm waters and islands of the Caribbean for a year…ish. Meet the players in this adventure.

The Captain

Brian hails from the land of little water and big mountains known as the Prairies of Alberta, BC. He married his love of water with his trade and became a commercial diver for over 25 years. Now he moves huge container cranes around the world.  He bought his first boat in 1994, a 35′ Endurance.  He then quickly learned to sail and moved on to her for 2 years before he met his First Mate. When he’s not jetting around the world working, he’s in his man cave playing with tracktors and forges.




The First Mate

Susie met Brian in 1997. He was covered in paint from the hull of his sailboat and promised to take her out for a sail. Her dream since moving to BC from Ontario.  They sailed the BC coast, Gulf Islands and up to Desolation Sound for 6 years before stopping to have kids.  The sprogs were supposed to be sailing at a young age but 10 years later we finally got them on the water and decided we wanted a bigger adventure.  In a previous life Susie was a Marketing Manager and she owns a consulting firm where she does some marketing and content writing. Susie homeschools the two boys and takes care of their acreage on Vancouver Island. When she’s not doing that, she’s drinking wine or coffee with girlfriends, dabbling in photography, researching something or other on the net, or walking the beach with her faithful sidekick, Tilly. Susie is also the creator of this website and writer of this blog.



Casey is 13 years old and will be a famous filmmaker one day.  He is in charge of all the Youtube videos you’ll see on the site.  He was first on a sailboat at 3 months of age but then not until 12 years old after a complete refit of the Ultramarine, our 35′ Endurance. Which we promptly sold.  It was just long enough for Casey to get the sailing bug. He has an Instagram account of his photography @k.c._photos and a Youtube Channel, K.C.Cinematography, of his films









Flag Flyer

Cameron is 11 years old and will be climbing coconut trees and making shelters in the jungle if he has anything to say about it.  He is the star of his own Youtube Channel “WestCoast Bushcraft” which Casey did all the filming for.  He hopes to do some Caribbean versions of bushcraft life as well.